2001 Faire of the Midlands - the 18th year

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Cup and instruments

Musica Antiqua performed at the 18th year of the Faire of the Midlands in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area.  We should have guessed that summer weather was just around the corner.

Antiqua Performers

Mark Anderson again fills in for Bion, who attends important graduations.

Coach horn players

The coah horn players look pretty fresh; this must be before the parade.

antiqua members among the faire crowd

Antiqua members are retreating into the shade. It's time either for souvenir shopping or an iced tea run. 

Antiqua performer

No dust this year, just mud. Dave is seen here picking his steps carefully. 

New friends playing instruments

Among new friends made at the fair this year are Sarah Stapleton of Boulder, Colorado 
and Jan Weiss, of Bad Zwischenahn, Germany.

Children dance with antiqua dancers

A new generation of Antiqua dancers readies for performance.

Music Men

It was great to have the Music Men back from Germany. 
They add a great dimension to Antiqua performances.

Dr. Bleyle singing with the Music Men

Dr. Bleyle singing with the Music Men? 
This can only mean Counterpoint of the Animals.

Steph in her summer costume

Just back from a food run, Steph must be smiling 
because she is in her summer costume.

Doc sitting with the instruments

Is this the last show? Nope, just the 23rd show.


It's good to be going home after a long and successful fair. 
Dee is thrilled to see her favorite happy face at a lunch stop.