Alumni Focus: Jami Lercher

November 1, 2021

Alumni FocusName: Jami (Paper) Lercher

Major at ISU: Music Education

Graduation Year: 2002

Hometown: State Center, IA

Current Residence: Olmsted Township, Ohio

What were you involved in during your time at ISU? Iowa State Singers, Off the Record, ACDA, Stars Over VEISHEA, Cyclone Aide

What do you currently do for a living? College Professor (Choral Music Education)

Can you shar a particularly interesting or inspiring story that has occurred in your career? So many! I'm honored to be the invited conductor of the 2022 North Dakota All State Treble Choir. I'm also looking forward to returning to Iowa to present at the Fall 2021 Iowa Music Educators Conference. The most rewarding thing is definitely seeing former students pursue music education and love their career and students just like me!

Are you involved in Music, Theatre, or the Performing Arts in any ways outside of your profession? Yes. I sing with the Cleveland Chamber Choir and compose/arrange/edit music. My edition of Aleotti's "Surge Propera Amica Mea" is published through Walton.

Are there other ways you participate in your community and engage as a Citizen Artist? I love supporting others in their craft...attending concerts, recitals, productions, visiting and clinicing with local schools. I love networking with other music educators!

How did your time at ISU prepare you for your career? I had a high caliber experience singing under Dr. Rodde and was able to develop leadership and conducting skills through coursework and partnerships with the Ames Children's Choir. ISU faculty encouraged me to pursue the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, which made a huge impact on my career and research interests.

What was your favorite experience in music or theatre at ISU? I grew up idolizing Stars Over VEISHEA productions, so being able to be on-stage for "Oklahoma" and "Into the Woods" was really special. I'll also always cherish being given the opportunity to conduct "Bells of Iowa State" with Singers during my senior year.

What was your favorite class while you were at ISU? Why? Tones of Florence with Dr. Bleyle. Because....Italy and Gelato! I also loved an Honors Seminar on "The Harry Potter Phenomenon" and "Honors Greek and Roman Mythology."

How was your involvement in music and theatre beneficial in different parts of your life? It's inherently tied to who I am. My being needs an outlet for creative expression and community, and singing in an ensemble is a perfect for for me. I am more complete, and have more capacity to completely give of myself, because of the performing arts.

Any words of wisdom for current or prospective students? Embrace every new opportunity and relationship with open arms. Having a depth of contacts and experiences will only improve your potential!


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