Outcomes Assessment for Performing Arts



Performing Arts graduates will understand and demonstrate:
1) Knowledge of the cultural history and heritage of the Performing Arts (theatre, dance, and music).
2) A theoretical and experiential background in the areas of performance, theatrical design, music and dance.
3) Knowledge of creative problem solving and artistic collaboration.
4) Skills necessary to perform in or design for a variety of periods, styles, and genres in theatre and dance.
5) Awareness of the diversity of expression in the Performing Arts throughout the world’s cultures.
6) A practical understanding of the rigors of the field.

Assessment Measures

1) Regular faculty/staff assessment of public performances and design work at regularly scheduled group talkback sessions and individual meetings.
2) Assessment of performance or portfolio by professionals in the field.
3) Senior final project consisting of either performance or portfolio presentation and assessment of the result.
4) Regular individual assessment of career/academic goals.
5) Exhibited convention work.
6) Internship evaluations.
7) Exit interview with the department chair.