Minor in Performing Arts


Performing arts studentThis minor provides a secondary undergraduate field of study for students interested in using the performing arts to supplement their primary interests. Students in Business can use the minor to lay the groundwork for a career in Arts Administration and development; students in Journalism / Mass Communication with a minor in performing arts will have a solid foundation for a career in arts / entertainment journalism or marketing / public relations. Many other combinations exist which will maximize the student’s undergraduate education at Iowa State University.

Required for the Minor in Performing Arts

Music 100 – Music Fundamentals (2 credits)
Music 102 – Introduction to Music Literature (3 credits)
Dance 120 – Modern Dance I or Dance 130 Ballet I (1 credit)
Dance 270 – Dance Appreciation (2 credits)
Theatre 255 – Introduction to Theatrical Production (4 credits)
Theatre 263 – Script Analysis or Theatre 251 Acting I (3 credits)
Perf 105 – Issues in the Performing Arts (three semesters)
Plus six credits 300 or above in Dance, Theatre or Performing Arts (6 credits)
Total Credits – 21