Guard – November 16th: 5-6:30pm, Room 130 @ Music Hall

Please prepare 1-3 minutes of material that can consist of flag/rifle/saber work and/or dance.

Percussion – November 17th: 6-8pm, Room 102 @ Music Hall

Battery Percussion –

Prepare the etudes below WITH body movement from videos at the end of the page.  These must be memorized!

Cyclone Sound – Snare Auditions

Cyclone Sound – Tenor Drum Auditions

Cyclone Sound – Bass Line Auditions

Mallet and Cymbals –

Prepare one minute of memorized material that shows off your best skill set.  Cymbals, please think more visual-oriented.  You may perform with accompaniment music.

Winds – November 19th: 5-8pm, Room 102 @ Music Hall

Please prepare the following two etudes WITH body movement from videos.  These must be memorized!

Cyclone Sound – Lyrical Piece

Cyclone Sound – Technical Piece

Body Movement Videos

Lyrical Piece Body Movement

Technical Piece Body Movement (112bpm and 160bpm are provided for learning purposes, the 160bpm will be used for the audition).