Cyclone Sound Guard

Cyclone Sound Color Guard Auditions


            During tryouts, we will start with marching techniques. This will include Box 8’s using the technique you are most familiar with. For more information see the requirements of the rest of the ensemble. Next, a technique block will be run as a group. This block will include drops spins, 6 and 9’s, and spins and stops. Videos demonstrating each of these techniques are available bellow. Lastly, a section of the opener will be performed individually. There will be no help at the audition with learning this routine. Following the mp3 file, the routine is from 0:46 to 1:21. Count sheets, a “break-down” video, and an performance video are all available to assist you with learning. This will be the main way of learning for the ensemble, as rehearsal time will be used to clean.

Videos and Audition Tools

Audition Count Sheets                                   Tank MP3                                               ISU Tank Score

Audition Performance Video          Breakdown Part 1 Video          Breakdown Part 2 Video          Breakdown Part 3 Video

6 and 9’s Video          Spins and Stops Video          Spins and Stops Extended Video          Drop Spins

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