Name: Samuel Wendt

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class: Omega

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? My favorite ensamble thus far is the ISUCF'V'MB. Not only do we play for a very large audience, but being part of such a large group that works so well together for a common goal is very rewarding.

What interests you about TBΣ? I liked the idea of getting to know a smaller group of people within the band that had the same goals that I do: we all want the bands to be successful. Serving the bands with my sisters seemed like it would be very rewarding and character building, not to mention the awesome sisterhood events that are always a good time.

What's your favorite band memory? Okay, so our old assistant director had a baby, and someone in one of our pep bands (I blame GiGi) decided to make a gigantic cardboard cut-out of the baby's face. Randomly during one of our basketball games, we started chanting "Where's the baby". This made our director stop watching the game and turn around to see what was happening. We then started chanting "there he is" as someone held up the cut-out baby head. We then proceeded to take it one step further and we got about sixty or so smaller cardboard cut-out directors baby heads, so everyone in the band had one. Same situation with the chants, except when our director turned around, we all had baby heads.... Pretty sure other teams missed freethrows because of said chant.

Samuel Wendt

Last Updated: 11/19/15