Name: Sam Johnson

Major: Instrumental Music Education

Class: Phi

What is your favorite TBΣ memory? My favorite TBΣ memory is driving back from Chapter Leadership Conference with J-ca. We literally drove through the worst thunderstorm that summer for hours, while listening to Disney music and musicals.

What is your favorite area of musican involvement? My favorite area of musical involvement is marching band. Marching band was key to how I first became interested in music education as a profession, because it provides a huge set of challenges that a concert band setting can't. It's also ridiculously fun and has given me most of my closest friends from both high school and college.

What is your favorite part about TBΣ? My favorite part about Tau Beta Sigma is the service that we give to the band, because band has given me so much and I love the opportunity to give back.

Sam Johnson

Last Updated: 04/09/15