Name: Ryan Cazin

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Class: Psi

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? Marching band by far, but I do enjoy playing in a concert or jazz band setting.

What interests you about TBΣ? I was informed about TBS throughout marching band season and finally through Kat Herzberg who told me about the group in general and highly recommended it. I am mostly interested because I view it as a group that I can make new friends with and it also allows me to separate from school every now and then to have fun and give back to music department.

Tell us something we don't know about you. I am fairly proficient with Autodesk Inventor and taught myself virtually everything I know about 3D CAD. My first big project was making my trombone freshman year of high school and that hobby led me to winning a national championship in CAD design from what I had learned by practicing at home.

What's your favorite band memory? My favorite memory that I can think of was the feeling of going into Jack Trice for the first time and playing pregame. I had never been in a college stadium before that, so to be on the field the first time was pretty awesome.

Ryan Cazin

Last Updated: 11/19/15