Name: Irena Marcinkowski

Major: Music

Class: Phi

What is your favorite Tau Beta Sigma memory? It's probably a tie between the Sisterhood retreat last spring and seeing a zebra on the way back from Convention in Rolla, MO =)

Why did you join Tau Beta Sigma? I joined TBΣ because I had a had some awesome upperclassmen in the clarinet section in marching band who really wanted me to check out TBΣ. At first I was really skeptical about TBΣ because I wasn't sure I'd have time to commit to a sorority, but once I went to the meetings and learned that TBΣ is a pretty relaxed atmosphere and saw that all of the members were so passionate about band, I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of the TBΣ family. I also love how we are able to make service events super fun, how we sisters hang out like a family, and how everyone is always very supportive and optimistic.

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? My absolute favorite thing is to participate in music bowls! I was in Music Listening Contest in high school, and my piano teacher also held an annual music bowl at the end of the school year among her students. So I think it would be really fun if TBΣ and KKPsi could set up some kind of music bowl ;)

Irena Marcinkowski

Last Updated: 04/09/15