Name: Gianni Giglio

Major: Industrial Technology

Previous Position(s): Sisterhood Chair

Class: Chi

What is you favorite area of musical involvement? My favorite area of musical involvement is playing for the marching band. I love the band and all the people in it. Coming from a high school that didn't care about the band to the ISU student section and the adoration of many coaches, it more than AWESOME.

Tell us something we don't know. A fact you might not know is that Genghis Khan removed 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere. 'How?' you might ask? He killed over 40 million people, which fueled the growth of many tress across cultivated land. Those trees in turn, absorbed the carbon.

How do you feel about the flute? My musical past started on the flute. I played it for five years before switching to the tuba/sousaphone. I had a great time, but my high school band needed a tuba and there were more that enough flutes, so I volunteered. I have been happily playing the tuba since.

Gianni Giglio

Last Updated: 11/19/15