Name: Elizabeth Van Mersbergen

Major: Graphic Design

Position: Recognition

Class: Alpha Alpha

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? My favorite band to be in is by far the marching band. It's been my love since middle school and has shaped life ever since.

What interests you about TBΣ? I love the atmosphere that is uniquely found in the Tau Beta Sigma Sisterhood. It has an extremely friendly and welcoming environment that makes it easy to say yes to becoming a sister. It is also important to me that its best interest is in benefitting the band, which has become a major part of my life.

Tell us something we don't know about you. I don't really like bacon or cake.

What's your favorite band memory? The best times I've had in band have always involved my saxophone family. Both in high school and college, my section has given me far too many happy memories to choose just one.

Elizabeth Van Mersbergen

Last Updated: 11/19/15