Name: Elizabeth Berger

Major: Event Management

Position: Convention Planning Chair

Class: Alpha Alpha

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? My favorite area of musical involvement is being a part of the ISUCF'V'MB's colorguard. I also love playing my flute, but I haven't played in any college ensembles (yet).

What interests you about TBΣ? I think it's fantastic the community that you can find within Tau Beta Sigma. When you're around your sisters, you feel like you're among family and friends. You feel at home, and I just love that type of atmosphere.

Tell us something we don't know about you. I come from a large family and am the oldest of six children. I was actually homeschooled up until high school. Not too many people know this, and everyone is always surprised when they find out. But yes, I schooled myself from home through 8th grade.

What's your favorite band memory? My favorite band memory is the 2014 Iowa vs. Iowa State game in Iowa City when we won the game in the last seconds. I was standing at one of the end zones when we scored, and the energy that came from the marching band and Iowa State fans was lost in a frenzy of sound that deafened all. I will always remember that feeling of excitement while looking at that scoreboard.

Elizabeth Berger

Last Updated: 11/19/15