Name: Curtis Ullerich

Major while Active: Computer Engineering

Previous Position(s): Webmaster

Class: Tau

What are you looking forward to in TBΣ? I'm a big fan of putting music in the community, so I'm looking forward to performing at retirement homes (as we've discussed) or anywhere that appreciates hard-working musicians.

What does Herbert J. Taxi (Theta Xi's mascot) mean to you? Herbert is a visionary of sorts: he does what he can to move everyone forward a bit, regardless of who he or she might be. I think we call all learn a little from Herbert.

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? I love playing in chamber ensembles. I can't get enough of it. I was really into solo/small group contest in high school--my senior year I think I had over twenty entries; now I play in a sax quartet with some friends.

Curtis Ullerich

Last Updated: 11/19/15