Name: Angie Langston

Major while Active: Animal Ecology

Class: Phi

What is your favorite Tau Beta Sigma memory? My favorite TBΣ memory would have to be finding out who my big was. Emily and I had recently become very close last fall semester, so when I realized she was my big, I was ecstatic. She had supported me even before becoming my big. It was perfect.

Why did you join Tau Beta Sigma? I joined TBΣ because I wanted to be apart of something bigger. I love the marching band and wanted to give back to them. TBΣ and KKY do so much for the bands, and it seemed the perfect fit for me. It was a great way to meet more people in the band that are in different sections, as well as getting to know a few flag line members better.

What is your favorite area of musical involvement? I love playing my flute and hearing how a piece comes together with all the different parts. As a flag line member, I enjoy seeing a routine fit into the music. It's interesting seeing how someone, whoever writes the routine, interprets the music. A routine explains that to a point. Two people could write routines to the same song and have completely different moves, making them unique. I love that! I love seeing other people's creativity come out.

Angie Langston

Last Updated: 11/19/15