How to access our Google Docs!

Google Drive is a wonderful thing. It allows us to collaboratively edit and store all our documents online and pass them down generations of sisters. Let's learn the few things it takes to manage them.

You can access the Theta Xi folder that contains everything here. Within that folder you can find the minutes, service spreadsheet, chapter roster, budgets, officer handbooks, absence request form, and more. Open any doc or spreadsheet, and you can edit it just like any other office software, except others can edit at the same time.

How to create a new document.

You can create a new document from within Google Drive by clicking "create" at the top left. If you're not already in Google Drive, just go to If you do this while inside the Theta Xi folder, it will prompt you to share the document with all that have access to the folder. Do this. If not, you can drag the document from the list of files into the Theta Xi folder on the left. For both methods: Now, inside the document, click on "share" in the top right. Click on "change" to change who has access, and then select the radio button for "anyone with the link" and change the access permissions to "edit." In almost every case, this is what you want to do. If you really don't want other people editing the document, leave it as "view" or "comment." Click "done." Now you can copy the link as it appears in the address bar and send that to anyone you want to edit the document!

Last Updated: 11/19/15