9/20/06: It is with great sadness that I report that the Iowa State University Flute Quartet is no longer together! We've had two members move away and have decided to retire our little ensemble. It was great fun and we hope that many people enjoyed our music. If you are looking for flute ensembles of great caliber, fear not! There are still many available. Contact Alexis Hall at aehall@iastate.edu for more information.
9/8/05:  School has started up again and so the ISU Flute Quartet will begin performing more regularly again now that summer has ended. There will be an ISU Flute Ensembles Concert coming up that we will be performing on; details to come soon. I will post our literature for the concert, along with its date and time, as soon as I know the specifics. Also, there will probably be more sound clips available soon, as we are recording our dress rehearsal for the concert.
4/11/05: The Iowa Flute Festival is coming up! On April 23rd at Drake University there will be a variety of events including masterclasses and a recital with guest artist Marina Piccinini! We will be performing along with other flute choirs over the lunch hour. Other than getting ready for the festival we have been busy preparing some new music and we had a wonderful experience playing for a wedding last week. Currently we are putting together Michael J. Regan's Dance Suite which we will be performing on April 20th for the ISU Flute Ensemble Concert! The concert will be at 5:30 at Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall, Music Hall, ISU Campus (click here for map) and will be showcasing some fantastic music including "Sails, Winds, and Echoes" by Craford Gates and "Cassation" by Jindrich Feld!
2/22/05: Tonight we had the wonderful opportunity to play for the Lenten Music Series at First United Methodist Church in Des Moines. It was very fun and the church is absalutely breathtaking! The church is over one hundred years old and contains a beautiful dome and great acoustics! We played two trios by James Hook, the beautiful "Cantique De Jean Racine" by Faure and finished with a Chaconne by Purcell that featured the alto and bass flutes! We had a wonderful time and we're very happy for the opportunity for us to share our music!
2/12/05: Our concert on January 30th went very well; we had a full crowd and we'd like to thank everyone who came and supported us! Clips of the concert will be available at the media section of our site shortly, along with the program and flyer. Stay tuned for pictures of us in action, and news of our next performances and projects.
1/21/05: The ISU Flute Quartet has a concert coming up! Sunday, January 30th at 5:00 PM in Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall in Music Hall, Iowa State University Campus, the Quartet will be playing three wonderful suites by Bozza, Berthomieu, and Maganini. It will be a fantastic concert and we encourage everyone to come! You can get your very own flyer here (it also makes an awesome background for your computer!). You can also view our program here.