Music Fundamentals Self Test

To the Incoming Student:

If you will be starting a music major at ISU next fall, we strongly suggest you spend a few minutes to take the following music fundamentals self-test.

This self-test is designed to give you some idea, before you begin your study of music, how well you understand some basic music fundamentals concepts. Fundamentals concepts like the ones contained in this test will be the basis of important musical issues that will be emphasized and discussed by your instructors in lessons and ensembles, and in the music theory and music history-literature classes you will take during your time of study at ISU.

To complete this self-test, write down your answers on a sheet of paper. After question 24 is an answer key with which you can score your own test. If you miss more than six of these questions or if this exam seems to take a very long time for you to complete, we strongly suggest that you acquire and spend time working in one of the following programmed-learning books before classes begin next fall:

To Begin

To begin this self-test, click this link. Good luck!