Q: How do I make a class list?

A: If you are an instructor or have instructor privileges, you have the ability to create a class list. A class list is like the list we created above, but its members are the students in a specific class. After creating a class list you can email that list address and it will send the email to all of the students in the class, just like a regular list. To begin, log into ASW, and click on "Manage Class Lists".

You will be taken to a page that has two columns- in the left column is all of the classes for which you do not yet have a list created, and in the right is all the classes for which you do have lists.

Select a class (or multiple) from the left column for which you would like to create a list. Just click on each class that you would like to make a list for- they will be highlighted blue. Once you have your classes picked out, click on the "Create selected classlist(s)" button. (You can also delete class lists the same way- just select the lists on the right and click "Delete selected classlist(s)".)

After you clicked to create the class lists, you will see a page similar to the one below with a progress indicator, which will notify you about what is being created. Wait until this process finishes. You will notice that it creates the lists with a pre-formatted name style, as opposed to you choosing the name (like you do with regular lists).

Once the progress bar reaches the end and the lists are created, you will see a message similar to the one below. You can now email (example: f2011.music.102.c@iastate.edu) and use these lists like you would a normal list.

After you've created the class lists you want, either click the "Logout" button, or use the "Up" and "Top" buttons to get to the page you wanted.

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