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Alvin Edgar conducts the ISC orchestra in 1944.

Click image to view photos and program for the 10th Annual Concert Band Tour
by Alvin Edgar and Iowa State College's Concert Band.

These are the red Iowa State College Marching Band uniforms worn in the 1950s.
Frank Piersol was the band director who followed Alvin Edgar.

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Meredith Willson at Iowa State conducting the Iowa State Marching Band (south of State Gym).
This is near the stadium, Clyde Williams Field.   ISC's Frank Piersol is seen at left.
Meredith Willson wrote For I, For S for the Iowa State folks in 1953.
Meredith Willson was a Mason City native who was later known and famous for writing
the book, the music, and lyrics for the Broadway musical, The Music Man.

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The Iowa State College Marching Band performs a 1953 half-time show in Clyde Williams Field.

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The Iowa State College Marching Band performs a half-time show
on the Clyde Williams Field in October of 1955.
Frank Piersol was the band's director.

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These same Iowa State College red marching band jackets which were suitable in the 1950s were sometimes also used later for special occasions.  Seen above are the coach horn players performing in the Memorial Union for the 1967 Madrigal Dinner.

These uniforms were not quite appropriate to be used after the 1950s, because the shoulder patch said "Iowa State College".   Mid-1959, the school's proper name was changed to Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

A small group of rebel Music Majors would later (1968-1972) "borrow" these out-of-date red uniform jackets and become known as The Redcoats when they wore them with white pants, black boots, and tall sheepskin Swiss Army hats to serenade both the girls and boys dorms at Christmas time

The Redcoats were also known to play on the steps of Beardshear Hall for the yearly Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  (Read several activities of the Redcoats on page 22.)

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