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(Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

Iowa State College marching band is seen leading Iowa State's engineering students along the cinder path during the 1910 St. Patrick's Day parade to Ames.   The cinder path was a roadway connecting Ames with the Iowa State campus near what is now Sixth Street and Brookridge Avenue.  St. Patrick was the patron saint of engineers.  This parade occurred on St. Patrick's Day every year until the beginning of VEISHEA in 1922.

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Iowa State College band poses on the steps of Beardshear Hall in 1912.

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The Regiment and ISC Military Band - 1916

another view of the 1916 ISC Military Band with Morrill Hall in the background

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Iowa State 1916 Military Band on the steps of Beardshear Hall

1917 Iowa State College Military Band

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Iowa State Marching Band information ready for a 1949 football game
Alvin Edgar is the director.

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