Photo Album - Page 23

Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Charles Stark, Music Education class held in Pope Cottage

Alan Spohnheimer and Wayne Crow are loading building materials from the basement garage
entrance at the back of Music Hall.  Lake LaVerne is close by, over the rise.

This image and the two photos below show the two music students getting prepared and loaded for the 1972 Veishea display.  Although the Music Department had classes, rehearsals, and offices spread all over campus, they didn't have a facility large enough for the many Veishea visitors to "come in" to see what the music students were doing.  The Electrical Engineering department invited folks to come to their building to view their electronic marvel Robot.  Every other University department was well enough established to welcome all the guests inside.  Therefore, the Music Department arranged for all the photos in this album to be taken (a two week undertaking) and then to be viewed during Veishea.  The images were arranged on large display panels on a sidewalk through Central Campus, nearby the Campanile.  "Hello, Veishea people! Take a walk past the Campanile and see what the Music Department folks are doing."  Fortunately, the photos survived this display.

Wayne Crow

Carl Bleyele, music history, organ performance, and leader of Musica Antiqua (early music ensemble)

Musica Antiqua rehearsal in Dr. Bleyle's office in Music Hall
Ed Weiss (Lute) and Doug Kirk (Soprano Zink)

Musica Antiqua members Bruce Kirk (Bass Gamba) and Alan Spohnheimer (Tenor Sacbut)

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