Photo Album - Page 13

Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Jim Buckner and Wayne Crow, practicing in the Exhibit Hall bandroom

Carver Hall (just to the north of Music Hall) was completed in 1969.
The large music appreciation classes (for non-majors) were held in the Carver auditorium.

Dr. Arthur Swift's office was moved to the back of Exhibit Hall for the 1968-1969
school year when Acton Ostling replaced him as the new Director of Bands.

Richard Koupal is pictured with a class in the choral rehearsal room (top floor of Morrill Hall).
The student in the center is Myrtle Wilson.

Director of Bands, Acton Ostling Jr.
His office was in the front (south end) of Exhibit Hall.

Martha Folts
Organ recitals were sometimes held in the Congregational Church
in downtown Ames because of the new organ.

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