Photo Album - Page 11

Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Richard Koupal, Morrill Hall

Eager to get back to practicing their trumpets, Kent Crawford and Wayne Crow snarf jello at the Friley Hall cafeteria.  The record for snarfing one serving of jello was one fifth of a second.

Jim Buckner, performing at an informal recital in the bandroom at Exhibit Hall

Dennis McGinn, member of the ISU student brass quintet

This photo shows Dr. Messinger's woodwind methods class for music majors which was held in his office towards the back of Exhibit Hall.  Learning to play flute are percussionist Tom Hansen and saxophonist John Paduska.

Charles Stark, music education, is seen teaching a class in Pope Cottage.
Charles Stark was an assisant professor of music who served as the master of ceremonies
for many concerts.  He also prepared and distributed materials designed to assist the
music majors who were preparing to be teachers in preparing students for concerts.

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