Photo Album - Page 10

Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Marion Hendrickson is pictured performing on his E-flat Besson tuba
at an early morning brass quintet practice in Exhibit Hall.

Running up the long circular wood stairway to the top floor of Morrill Hall
insured you would (hopefully) have good breath control at the orchestra rehearsal.

Paulette Frey is shown in her voice lesson in Music Hall.

This classroom view was taken in the bandroom at Exhibit Hall.

Ralph Borck, ISU Music Department's technical associate, had his office in Morrill Hall.  He was a pipe organ enthusiast; the floor of his apartment was littered with ranks of organ pipes (some squashed) which he had purchased from other instruments which had been put out of service.  Ralph would restore these for use in his pet project, the theater organ in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

Occasionally, Mr. Borck would require some help to tune the organ.  He would instruct a student friend to "bring along some studies" because it was a very boring job to hold one note at a time while Ralph crawled up the ladder to the pipe rooms in order to make the needed adjustments.  When this long late-night task was finally accomplished, the two amateur organists (Ralph Borck and one music student) would celebrate by taking turns playing the powerful organ (always with more gusto than skill).  The trick was to not be the one caught on the bench when the manager of the Union (Mr. Swan?) might suddenly show up in Great Hall to announce that the guests sleeping upstairs were complaining about the disturbance.  The two performers would then adjourn for a hot fudge sundae at King's Food Host.

Doug Pritchard is shown conducting one of his groups in Morrill Hall.

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