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Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

A bass sax and casual footware are seen at a band rehearsal in Exhibit Hall.

opera workshop class in Morrill Hall
Steve Robertson and Paulette Frey are seen 2nd and 3rd from the right.

Carl Bleyle (organ, music history, and director of ISU's Musica Antiqua) is pictured in his office in Music Hall.  Musica Antiqua was the grand idea of Carl Bleyle, who was accomplishing his doctorate degree in Minnesota when Paul Renick, substitute organ instructor while Bleyle was away, worked with Musica Antiqua.  When Carl returned to ISU in 1968, Dr. Carl Bleyle blossomed the ensemble into the accomplished group it became.

Susan Sandholm (soprano recorder), Jim Holfeldt (dulcian), and director Carl Bleyle (alto krummhorn) are shown at a Musica Antiqua rehearsal in Dr. Bleyle's office in Music Hall.

Ed Weiss (Lute), Doug Kirk (Tenor Zink), and Gary Tysdal (Soprano Shawm)

Musica Antiqua members
Bruce Kirk, left, on Bass Gamba, Alan Spohnheimer plays the Tenor Sacbut.
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More Musica Antiqua members rehearse in Music Hall.
Doug Kirk (Tenor Zink),  Gary Tysdal (Soprano Shawm), Father Jim Holfeldt (Dulcian).

Dr. Pritchard's warm-up excercises

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