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Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Douglas Pritchard is pictured conducting from the piano in Morrill Hall.

Seminar recital for music majors - Exhibition Hall
Dennis McGinn performing

Laurie Ticehurst Kelling (?), piano faculty

By 1972, new choral risers and chairs in Morrill Hall
meant that the ISU Orchestra now rehearsed in Exhibit Hall.
Pictured are Ilza Niemack, Sylvia McCormack, and Kathryn Munsen.

click for 1968 orchestra program
Click on image for 1968 Orchestra Performance Program

"Watch that cut off!"
Laurence Burkhalter is shown on the podium in the Exhibit Hall rehearsal room.
The orchestra consisted of adult performers from the Ames area as well as ISU students.

click image for program
click image for 1970 premiere program of a Gary White composition

Gary White taught the popular 8 AM music theory classes with great enthusiasm.  This class was held in a back classroom of Exhibit Hall.  Exhibit hall was remodeled several times as the music department's needs grew.  At first the band department had only the big bandroom with two offices and a storeage room.  The band library was also in Exhibit Hall, but was accessed by going outside and walking to a door to the East.  Later the music department acquired the use of an additional back area which had been vacated by Telecommunicative Arts classes.

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