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The 1972-1973 season featured the Liberty Bowl game, when Georgia Tech beat ISU 31-30.

The ISU Marching Band welcomes the football team to the field during the 1973-1974 season.

1973 halftime show in Clyde Williams Stadium

Everybody need to rest now and then.

The ISU Marching Band was full of pep during the ISU-Kansas game halftime festivities.


The ISU Marching Band performed for President Gerald Ford.
Trumpet great Maynard Ferguson performed with the band during a halftime show.

The 1974-1975 Marching Band uniforms are seen in Clyde Williams Field.
Notice the bandsmen are wearing the "CY'S BIG WIND" barets.
(To see details of these barets, see image below.)

"CY'S BIG WIND"   Not all bandsmen agreed to that phrase.
Many joked that it really said, "CY'S BIG WINO."


In 1976, the ISU Marching Band performed for President Gerald Ford.
The great trumpet performer Maynard Ferguson performed with the band during a halftime show in 1976.

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(click image to see the inside of this program, including the band personnel)

This Wind Ensemble program is from February of 1976.

In the 1977 Peach Bowl, North Carolina State beat ISU 24-14.

In 1978, the new acronym, the ISUCF’V’MB, was first used.
Yes, you've heard of the VARSITY Marching Band!

The end of the Marching Band's football season was when Texas A&M beat the
Cyclones 28-12 in the 1978 Hall of Fame Bowl.

The Alumni Band was first formed in 1980.
It performed at Homecoming that year.

In 1991, the ISU Marching Band became the first college band
to perform the new Pepsi jingle by Ray Charles, the music legend.

In 1995, the ISU Marching Band won the Coach Contest.
The band then recorded the theme song to the television show “Coach”.
It also appeared in the show’s opening credits.
Recordings of that music have been seen everywhere since 1995.

On January 1, 2000, the ISU Marching Band marched in the London Millennium
Parade (in London, England, of course).  Some ISU Alumni Band members were invited
to march in this London parade along with the Iowa State University Varsity Marching Band.
The Alumni took part in order to fill the empty spots caused by the few University
students who were unable to make the trip.

All, even the London residents, enjoyed ISU's participation in the parade.
The Iowa State band members enjoyed not only the parade, but the entire trip,
even though they could not ride the London Eye.  This Largest Ferris Wheel in Europe
(located South of the Thames River, and today riden by 3.5 million per year)
was scheduled to be dedicated and open on that December 31.  However technical
problems delayed its use by the public until March of 2000, when the ISU Marching
Band was long gone.  "Hey! We're not staying here until it's working, are we?
We'd miss the second semester if we did that!"

When ISU played Pittsburg in the 2000 INSIGHT.COM BOWL game,
the ISU Marching Band accompanied the football team and ISU fans
to Phoenix, Arizona to perform during the game.  ISU won the bowl game, 37-29.

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