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Signifying the end of one era, Frank Piersol, affectionately known as Uncle Frank, conducts his last ISU concert at the graduation ceremony held in the Armory in May of 1967.  He would have one more duty before his long career at ISU ended; later in May he would assemble a small brass choir for the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the University Cemetery.  Although the Music Department had existed for many years providing an important outlet for students and service for the university, the next academic year would be different.   The music department would now offer a degree program in music. A "Bachelor of Science with a Major in Music" would get things started for a while.  It would take a few more years (until 1970) to assemble the faculty and offer the classes needed for a "Bachelor of Music".

You will notice that after Iowa State Colllege became Iowa State University, the Band uniforms needed to reflect this name change.
Now, instead of the red uniforms that said 
Iowa State College,
there were new "snappy black uniforms" with 
"Iowa State U"on the sleeves.

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The 1966 Iowa State Jazz Band

More VEISHEA parade participation


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These same Iowa State College red marching band jackets which were suitable in the 1950s were sometimes also used later for special occasions.  Here are the coach horn players performing in the Memorial Union for the 1967 ISU Madrigal Dinner.  They are wearing the Red out-of-date uniforms.

A small group of rebel Music Majors would later (1968-1972) "borrow" these out-of-date red uniform jackets and become known as The Redcoats when they wore them with their white pants, black boots, and tall sheepskin Swiss Army hats to serenade both the girls and boys dorms at Christmas time. The Redcoats were also known to play on the steps of Beardshear Hall for the yearly Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  (Read several activities of these Redcoats on page 22.)

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This photo shows a skit from the 1967 Band Tour.

Five bands provide a variety of musical sounds for the student body and for the state.  The Marching Band plays and presents a half-time routine at all home football games, and at Migration.  Most Marching Band members are also in the Pep Band, which plays at the home basketball games.  The Iowa State Varsity and Symphonic Bands are the University's concert bands.  And the Stage Band brings jazz and pop music to such events as Pep Barbeque and Crescendo.  They have also appeared on WOI-TV.  All bands carry their music to the whole state.  The Stage Band and the Symphonic Band both play concerts outside of Ames, and all bands have appeared on "University Concert," a program originated by WOI-FM, and carried on a state-wide radio network. (This statement is from the 1967 ISU Bomb.)

Walley Newport, left, helps show the new Uncle Frank (Piersol) sweatshirts.

Iowa State Bandsmen would sometimes remark that the sweatshirt picture of Uncle Frank
would look more like him if one would stretch the sweatshirt a bit longer, top to bottom.

"The 1967-1968 school year was
The Time of Change"
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This is when the department taught towards a Music Degree for the first time!
(Most of the ISU Music Department photos on the following pages were taken in 1972.)

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