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The 1935 Iowa State Band

Lines of smartly uniformed figures marching rhythmically down the football field; blare of bugle; musical note of lyre; "When Johnny come marching home" . . . the Iowa State Band.  Alvin R. Edgar is the director.

Whether on the football field or on the side-lines during basketball games, the band lends pep, spirit, and color to the occasion.

Composed of two sections, the concert band and the activities band, the former is a symphonic band with perfect instrumentation.  It appears only at concerts, playing at various towns in the state during a series of short tours.

The activities and, composed of fifty seclected bieces from all bandsmen, handles all the athletic events, the Military Circus, parades and reviews, and is of general utility to the student body.  Merril Bason is president of the Iowa State Band; Clarence Hodges, vice-president; Robert Tennant, secretary-treasurer; Roy Resseguie, assistant director; Lloyd Welker, librarian; and Roy Resseguie, drum major.


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The 1938 Iowa State Band

A wealth of skilled and talented material available has made it possible for Iowa State to have both a Concert Band and a Varsity Band.  This year, the Concert Band added a new $390 German silver bass clarinet to its equipment.  Spring saw the completion of a series of successful concerts both at home and on tour.

Composed of 70 players, the Varsity Band lends its spirit and tempo to basketball games and other athletic events as well as the annual Military Circus.

The 1938 Iowa State Rhythm Club

Popular to the followers of swing music, the Iowa State Rhythm Club was organized to give recognition to undergraduates for their skill in the field of swimg dance music.  The group is composed of fifteen members.  New ones are elected by the club upon proving thier worth to a swing aggregation.

The Rhythm Club presented a special concert for its enthusiastic swing fans at a special campus varieties performance.  Other sppearances include two twisters and a concert during VEISHEA.  Each year, keys are given to the club's outstanding swingsters.  Jim Farnham and Roderick Dodds received this year's award.

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