11/30/01     My Journal, PAGE 5

    Last night we stayed at a Country Inn in Kansas City, MO.  It was really nice, and even had an indoor pool, so we went swimming... it was fun!  Then we went to a Mexican restaurant called "The Alamo".  It was really good, but not quite as good as Carlos O'Kelly's.  Then we went back to the motel and slept.  On our way to Kansas City we stopped at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO.  It was beautiful and really fun to look at, although we didn't go on the full tour (I went on the tour my freshman year when we went there for youth group).  The next morning we ate the continental breakfast and headed out.  We drove the whole day and didn't really stop anywhere... it was a pretty boring day, so I guess I had a lot of time to learn about Texas.

    Texas has a motto that says, "It's like a whole other country."  They also have a motto, "Don't mess with Texas."  I think this is kind of big-headed of them... but I guess that's just me.  Anyways... Texas is split up into seven sections: Panhandle Plains, Big Bend Country, Hill Country, Prairies and Lakes, Piney Woods, South Texas Plains, and Gulf Coast.  Panhandle Plains is located, of course, in the panhandle of northern TX.  Big Bend Country is located in western Texas, and Hill Country in central.  The Prairies and Lakes section is in section is located in east central to north Texas, Piney Woods is in eastern Texas, South Plains are, of course, in southern TX, and the Gulf Coast is located along the Gulf Coast.  Ss you can see, Texas got really creative with their names. ;)  We stayed in the Piney Woods section of eastern Texas.  I could see how this name came about because of the vast amounts of tall pine trees.  My favorite place we visited was Tyler.  The most interesting thing about Tyler is its annual rose garden festival.  Tyler is famous for it's large rose gardens and its festival in mid-October attracts people from all over.

    We got back to Jewell around 3:30.   Jewell, Iowa is where South Hamilton School is located.  My home is also there.
I had a really good time during our trip.  I also learned quite a bit.  Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip!

Me at the Texas Welcome Center

Kent and I are in front of the Precious Moments Chapel.

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