12/29/01     My Journal, PAGE 4

    We're back on the road today.  We checked out around 9:00 and left for home.  We will stay at a hotel tonight, though, because the drive is too long to do in one day, if everyone wants to sleep.  I know I said I would write about Texas today, but since right now we're driving through Oklahoma, I thought it would be appropriate to write about Oklahoma.  I will write about Texas either tonight or tomorrow.

    Like Louisiana, Oklahoma is split up into specific regions: Red Carpet Country, Green Country, Kiamichi Country, Lake and Trail Country, Great Plains Country, and Frontier Country.  Red Carped Country is located in the northwestern region, including the panhandle.  The region gets its name from the reddish colored sand dunes throughout the area.  Popular entertainment in Red Carpet Country: rodeos and riding four-wheelers in the sand dunes.  The Great Plains portion of the state is located in the southwestern part of the state.  This is the place to be for outdoor recreation because of its beautiful mountains and lakes.  The entire state holds a lot of Native American history, but this area has the most background.  Frontier Country is in central Oklahoma.  In this area is fishing, pro sports, amusement parks, and historic sites.  The Lakes and Trail Country offers many outdoor recreation sites.  It is also the place for antique shopping.  Peaches are a popular good grown in this region.  The southeastern region, called Kiamichi, is barriered by four mountain ranges, including the Kiamichi, for which it was names after.  Wildlife is well preserved in this very natural area.  Outdoor recreation is the most popular form of entertainment here.  The northeastern Green Country has the most scenic terrain with 50 state parks.  Strawberries are grown in this part of the state.  Well, that sums up the six sections of Oklahoma.

Road-side art that we thought was cool

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