12/28/01     My Journal, PAGE 3

    This has been my favorite day so far.  In the morning I worked on some schoolwork for a little bit, and then we drove around Texas.  We went to Tyler, IX where we decided we'd eat (and take a few pictures since my brother's name is Tyler).  We were walking around trying to find a place to eat when we noticed a little cajun restaurant.  This looked interesting, so we decided to try it.  I couldn't believe how awesome the food was!  Everything we tried was amazing.  After eating we did a little shopping and then went back to the resort.  We decided to go swimming next... in an outdoor pool.  I will say that Texas is a little warmer than Iowa, but when the temperature is in the fifties and sixties, it is still too cold to go swimming in an outdoor swimming pool that is not heated.  I only got to the second step before I got out of there and jumped into the hot tub.  After that ordeal we got some board games to play, but didn't play them until after we played a few games of pool, pinball, and Ms. Pacman.  Then we played Rummikub (which I won three times, by the way), and then we played Scattergories in the main room by the fireplace.  That was really fun.  And now I'm here writing in my journal, about to go to bed.

    This day wasn't really a learning day for me; it was more of a fun day.  I did learn a lot of music theory (I've been studying for scholarship auditions), but that's not something is very exciting to write about.  I'm kind of tired, so I think I'll just go to bed and write a lot of information about Texas tomorrow.

Kent and I are in front of the Tyler, Texas sign.

Main Street, Tyler, Texas

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