ISU Lab Band

(click to enlarge this 1968 photo)

The Lab Band was not a normal ISU performance ensemble.  Unlike the bands, orchestra, jazz-bands, or choirs, there was no final grade to work towards.  These performers were not music majors, either.  Most music major students were already busy with their assigned ensembles and classes.

These musicians were very good, and wanted to play some special contemporary music.  They rehearsed under the direction of Gary Boehm, and practied together until they could tape for a recording while playing in a basement studio.

Some of these non-major musicians can be identified.  Back row from left, Nelson Spohnheimer (electrical engineering)  Roger Bissell, Don Miller, Dave Cooper, Dick DeBoer, etc.  The front row includes Jim Quam and John Quam, who sometimes played piano, as well.

Here are some of the tunes (MP3 format) from a recording they made.

One for Willie      New Blues      Marshmellow

The Trombones heard playing The A Train


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