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Photos by Fred Cerwick, 1972

Director of Bands Acton Ostling is shown conducting his Concert Band in the rehearsal area of Exhibition Hall.  That temporary 80' by 150' building was built along the east side of Bissell Road and west of Marston Water Tower in 1918 to house "trucks used for war training work" with the cost to be paid from the War Training Fund.  After the war, the building was used first as the Engineering Experiment Station and by the Industrial Arts Department, and then as an Aeronautical Laboratory.  In 1951, Exhibit Hall was remodeled to provide space for WOI-TV, and the studios were moved there the following February.  WOI continued to operate from that location until 1964 when the building would be used by Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Telecommunicative Arts, and the Iowa State Bands.  The growing music department acquired more space in 1971 when Exhibit Hall was again remodeled because the two engineering departments vacated the building.  Exhibition Hall (along with the ERI Building and Engineering Annex) was finally demolished in 1997 to create space for the new Hoover Hall.

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"Exhibition Hall" - Music Department's Exhibit Hall

The door seen at the left front of the building led to the bandroom and the offices for the band staff.  The Clyde Williams Stadium was just over one block away, to the north, so the Marching Band would often do a marching run in their uniforms to perform at each football game.

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A 1968 era map of ISU Campus (1968 ISU Bomb)

The ISU Music Department was spread all over campus.  Music Majors needed to do a lot of walking, ride a bicycle, plan ahead, or they would be late to some classes.  Of course, Music Majors also took other classes in other buildings across the campus.

This is another Concert Band rehearsal view. Unlike the Symphony Band, one could play in this group without audition.   Instrumental majors sometimes would hone their skills on their secondary instruments by performing with this band.

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This photo shows a brass ensemble practice held in Exhibit Hall.  The Besson euphonium Alan Spohnheimer is shown playing was Acton Ostling's personal horn.  Lance Haefer is the French horn player.

Small vocal ensemble practice directed by Richard Koupal
Morrill Hall

The ISU Student Woodwind Quintet rehearses in the bandroom of Exhibit Hall.
Pictured from left: (???), (???), Terri Arndt, Bonnie Reinertson, and Mark Jackson

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