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Starting here - Photos from the 1972 Music Department Veishea display

These photos show not only the Iowa State Bands, but also the whole Music Department faculty, classes, and students during this adjustment period (1967-1968 through 1971-1972).  This was the era that Iowa State made a great transformation to become a University that could offer a Music Degree.    "Just like the University of Iowa?"

Lawrence Burkhalter was the head of the ISU Music Department starting in 1966, as well as the director of the ISU Orchestra. He came from the faculty of Ohio State University where he was also served as principal violist of the Columbus Symphony.

Music at ISU

"Music occupies a place of singular importance at Iowa State University. There are more than a dozen performing ensembles directly under the supervision of the Department of Music. Each year, these groups attract a total of over 1,500 students who gain the satisfaction of first-hand involvement with music. For students whose interest in music is sustained chiefly through listening, opportunities are afforded to hear the finest artists of the national and international concert stage on the University's Artist Concert Series.

Opportunity is provided for students to obtain a major in music at Iowa State University. Students completing this degree program are eligible for certification to teach music in the public schools or to undertake graduate study in various facets of music, depending on the options elected. Students wishing to expand their skill and understanding of music without the extensive specialization required for the major have the opportunity for such study as a part of their liberal education in many of the curricula at Iowa State University. A minor in music is available to students in the College of Science and Humanities."

(A statement by Dr. Burkhalter)

Ames Historical Society photo

Max Exner, ISU Music Extension, is pictured singing with a young 4-H group.

Dr. Swift gives a trumpet lesson to Dave Swaroff.
This photo was taken in Dr. Swift's office in Exhibit Hall.

Arthur Swift came from Louisiana to ISU in the fall of 1967 to be interim director of concert bands for a year, as well as the only applied brass faculty.  Mr. Gary Boehm, the woodwind faculty member who had been assistant director of bands under Frank Piersol, took over the marching band for this transition year.  He was very gentlemanly tactful and helped bridge the feelings of the upperclassmen who sorely missed the priceless Uncle Frank.  It also helped that Uncle Frank's #2 man, Gary Boehm, was held over to do the marching band job.   Dr. Swift later served as chair of the Music Department from 1972 until 1992.

May, 1967 Varsity and Symphonic Band Program

This photo is not one of the 1972 Veishea photos, but is from 1969.  It shows Alan Spohnheimer seated in the ISU Band tour bus.  Each year during spring break, the Symphony Band would take a concert tour, traveling by bus.  There was usually an attempt to alternate a local in-state tour with an out-of-state tour the following year.  On one trip across Illinois, one Greyhound broke down, and all 80+ members, horns, and uniforms were removed to the other bus for the day's trip.

One year, Mr. Ostling led the band on a tour which included performances in Illinois, Michigan, and New York (Endicott, Niagra Falls, and New York City's Town Hall).  The small equipment crew (two students) smuggled bicycles along inside the equipment truck behind the stands, tkympani and everything else.  The soon found that although the buses could travel fast, the equipment truck would only go 45 to 50 mph.  Beginning the second day of the tour, they and the truck driver would wake up early in order to begin driving east at 5:30 AM.  Sometimes, they would arrive after the band in the bus.

The first evidence of a jazz band at ISU was in 1971.
Learn about and view the 1968 ISU Lab Band.

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