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A bit of the history of Iowa State Bands
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Beginning below, a view of IOWA STATE BANDS after 1972
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Who were the Iowa State Band Directors?
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(photo from the Ames Historical Society collection - click image to enlarge)

This photo, from the late 1890s, shows an early Iowa State College Band pictured in front of Old Main.  Also pictured are the male and female drill squads and several cannon.  Seen to the right is the railroad depot (known today as The Hub) for the Dinkey, which carried passengers and freight between the college and downtown Ames. Old Main, originally known as Main or the College, stood approximately where Beardshear Hall now stands.  Until Old Main burned (in 1900 and 1902), it held nearly the entire operations of the college.  It was the residence of all faculty and students, and also housed the classrooms, the library, the chapel, museums, and dining halls.

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