Music Degrees & Requirements Overview

These pages are designed to help you select appropriate classes and complete your course of study as a music major at Iowa State University. They contain information regarding required music courses, course sequencing, general education requirements, and suggestions as to appropriate electives. If, after consulting the links below, you are unable to find the information you require please contact your academic adviser. Additional information regarding policies and procedures may be found in the most recent Iowa State University Bulletin.

Four-year Plans

Suggested course sequences for the Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in music and for the Bachelor of Music Degree with options in Performance, Composition, Vocal Education, and Instrumental Education can be found here.
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Music Major Requirements

Rotation for Advanced History and Theory Offerings for Music Majors

Fall 2012 Music 475, Music 446
Spring 2013 Music 476, Music 440
Fall 2013 Music 472, Music 446
Spring 2014 Music 440
Fall 2014 Music 473, Music 446
Spring 2015 Music 440
Fall 2015 Music 475, Music 446
Spring 2016 Music 476, Music 440

NOTE: this is a change from the listings in the 2005-2007 catalog. (The 2007-2009 catalog is correct.) Music 302 (Advanced Music listening) will be offered in spring 2008 (with adequate course enrollments)

Degree Programs

Outcomes Assessment