Minor in Music Technology

The Minor in Music Technology is a program of study in the application of computer technologies to creative work in sound synthesis and programming designs, as these apply to computer-based musical instruments ("virtual instruments") and human-computer interfaces used in electronic music composition and performance.

Note: this minor is not a vocational or professional program in live concert sound, recording studio engineering and management, nor commercial music production. The minor provides a creative musical arts and design experience as a liberal arts enrichment that may complement the professional preparation provided by a student's major.

Steps to get started:

Your first step is to review the program description (PDF) and the descriptions for the required courses (Music 246, 346, and 446, see below). It is important that you understand how this minor fits both your personal interests and the overall academic and career progression provided by your major.

The second step is to meet with the academic adviser for your major, with whom you will complete Section 1 of a Request for Minor form. You should also discuss with your academic advisor the potential schedule for completion of the minor, bearing in mind that there is limited enrollment in the required courses. Note that Music 346 does not need to precede Music 446 in your program of study.

The third step is to deliver the Request for Minor form to the music department academic advisor (Kevin Judge, 219 Music Hall) for further review and signature. You may be contacted about any necessary corrections that may need additional consultation with your academic advisor.

Note: if later on you change your program of study, for example deciding to substitute different electives, you do need to submit a new Request for Minor form. To graduate with the minor, courses you have completed for this minor need to match those on the most recently approved form.

Minor in Music Technology Requirements

The minor is fulfilled by earning 15 credits as follows.

At least six of the fifteen credits must be taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above with a grade of C or higher. The minor must include at least nine credits that are not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement.

* Music majors seeking this minor may not count in the fifteen credits music courses comprising the minor other than 246, 346, 446, and approved 490.
** only one of Music 101 and 105 may be counted in the minor
*** only one of Music 120 and 302 may be counted in the minor
**** A Bachelor of Music major may not count Phys 198