Music 590I - Independent Study in Electronic Music

Cr. var. FS.
Spring 2015 continuing students only.

Fall-Spring 2014-2015: Touchsurface (iPad) designs and composition ensemble
Fall-Spring 2013-2014: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall-Spring 2012-2013: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall-Spring 2011-2012: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall/Spring 2010-11: Performance Controllers Development (Acceleglove and VibraTac)
Spring 2010: Max for Live Projects
Fall 2009: Max/MSP Projects


Permission of instructor.

Students admitted to 590I normally will have completed 346 and/or 446 (both available for non-major graduate credit) or will have extensive experience with MIDI, sound synthesis, Max/MSP, and operation of a digital audio workstation. Selected semesters have a pre-defined research focus and may have special prerequisites.


Advanced work in sound synthesis, live electronic performance, emerging performance technologies. Meets regularly in a seminar format for discussions and presentations.

Recent Individual Projects