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The Bells of Iowa State is one of Iowa State University traditions, remembered with affection by both alumni and campus visitors. This project is to build a 1:5 scale replica of the campanile and a 27-bell carillon that is accessible, functional and portable.

This model will serve as an extension of the legacy of Iowa State beloved campanile and the carillon. It will be used at various University events and outreach programs. It will also serve as a musical instrument and an educational tool. Many will enjoy the musical experiences, and learn the complex engineering of the carillon.

This site will post continuous updates of project progress. Stay posted!


This model will be built by a multi-disciplinary academic team. Students from the college of design, and engineering, as well as carillon students, will design and assemble the model under the supervision of faculty members from respective colleges. The carillon bells will be cast professionally by reputable bell founders.

  • Spring 2015

    Explored the feasibility of the project.

  • Fall 2015

    Established the Project Team.

  • Spring 2016

    ME415 Class:

    Fundraising kickoff April 26.

    From “Inside Iowa State”: Article

  • Fall 2016

    ME466 Class:

  • Spring 2017

    ME415 & ME490H Class:

    LIDAR analysis of the campanile.

    Established the Student Carillonneur Leadership Council (SCLC):

    From “College of Engineering News”:



  • Fall 2017

    ME415 Class:

    Fundraising Events

    From “Iowa State Daily”: Article

  • Spring 2018

    Bells and mechanism manufacture.

    Steel frame, and Exterior cladding build by students.

    Establish a senior design project for the documentary display: students from Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering collaborate with ME415.

  • Fall 2018

    Bells and mechanism placement.

How to Give

To Make a Gift Now Online: click here

Please make your gift to the “Campanile-Carillon Model Fund” (2704344). You may designate your gift for a specific bell or any part of the project. If you make your gift online, please specify your designation under Notes/Instructions on the donation form. For information about How to Make a Gift, visit Iowa State University Foundation - How to Give page or contact Iowa State University Foundation at questions@foundation.iastate.edu or by phone at 515-294-4607 (toll free at 1-866-419-6768). Thank you for your support.

Who We Are

Project Team

James Alleman, Jacqulyn Baughman, James Heise, Mikesch Muecke, David Ringholz, Tin-Shi Tam and Yelda Turkan.

ME415 Class

Spring 2016 - Michael Bondi, Isaac Droessler, Aaron Hett, Kevin Houlihan, Yilong Liu, Madison Lucz, Jose Martinez, Daniel Obren, Mackenzie Sissel, Rongcheng Xu.

ME466 Class

Fall 2016 - Ryan Cazin, Ethan Henry, Mohamad Aqeel Izani, Patrick Keep, Muhammad Omar Raghib, Nor Alia Izwanis Roni, Nathan Scheirer.

ME415 Class

Spring 2017 - German Barcenas, Michael Conroy, Jonathan Hermsen, Phil Pakes, Jacob Vogts.


Spring 2017 - Patrick Keep.

ME415 Class

Fall 2017 - Matthew Eckdahl, Jeff Grayczyk, Jacob Jordan, Eric Riesberg, Sam Wendt.

Student Carillonneur Leadership Council

Fall 2017 - Casey Cunningham, Macklin Derscheid, Johnathan Germick, Sarah Reger.

MUS118E Class & Interdisciplinary

Spring 2016 - Casey Cunningham, Johnathan Germick, Aaron Forest.

Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation

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