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Notes on the Music
The selections on this recording represent various eras of the Bells of Iowa State. The program begins with the chime tune Westminster Quarters, which is used as the Hourly Chimes. The first tune ever rung on the original ten-bell chime in 1899 was Home Sweet Home. It is played here on those same ten bells.
State College of Iowa and Alma Mater were two Iowa State songs included in a record album released in honor of the 50th anniversary of the installation of the first chime. The settings on this CD recording were reconstructed and newly transcribed, using only the 36 bells that comprised the Stanton Memorial Carillon in 1949.
Toccata (1978), Suite of English Folk Songs (1985), and Star Bells (2002) are original carillon works commissioned by the Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation. The Foundation also sponsors the ISU Carillon Composition Competition to encourage young composers to create carillon works. Tree Modes was the first winning composition.
The Stanton Carillon has often been the muse for music faulty, students and friends of Iowa State who are inspired to compose and arrange music for this instrument. Several compositions are included in this album including the Cylcone favorite Iowa State Fights and the beloved Bells of Iowa State.
Total playing time 62:15

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1. Hourly Chimes
2. Home Sweet Home
3. State College of Iowa
4. Alma Mater
5 - 10. Ronald Barnes: A Suite of English Folk Songs
11. Albert C. Gerken: Toccata

Gary C. White: Trifolium

13. John Purser: Lament for a Chickadee
14. Johann Sebastian Bach: O Thou of God the Father
15. Jeffrey L. Prater: Interfusions
16. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Solfeggietto
17 - 19. Amy Michelle Black: Tree Modes

James R. Tener: Festival Toccata in D minor


Jeffrey L. Prater: Star Bells for carillon and orchestra
Bells of Contention * Bells of the Dance * Bells of Celebration
22. Iowa State Fights
Bells of Iowa State