A Sampling of
Musica Antiqua
Concert Programs

Italian Renaissance Music from the 1527 Sack of Rome

Music from the Time of Martin Luther

16th Century Italian Music

Anatomy of an Illness

The Seven Cardinal Sins

Music of the Middle Ages

An Evening of Early XXX Music

Music of Renaissance Italy - Florence Symposium

Music from Both Sides of the Channel

Music of Love in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Dr. Carl Bleyle

Music from the Court of Burgundy (1430-1500)

A Program of Medieval and Italian Renaissance Music

Country Music of the Renaissance and Middle Ages

Medieval and Renaissance Christmas Music

English Music During the Shakespearean Age

Four Centuries of Music from the Iberian Peninsula

Three Centuries of Italian Music

The Battle of Montaperti, 1260

Music at the Court of Maximilian

Spanish Music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages

Music from the Reign of James I (1603-1625)

Images of Women

The Seven Ages of Man

Heroes and Villains - Saints and Sinners

A Middle Ages and Renaissance Hit Parade

Scottish Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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