A Program of Medieval Music
and Renaissance Italian Music

Ut queant laxis - A Medieval Warmupby Guido d'Arezzo (c. 990-1050)
Translation: So that thy servants may sing the woder of thy deeds with relaxed vocal chords,
remove all guilt from their defiled lips, St. John.

Kyrie - Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
soprano, organetto, harp, bell, rebec

O viridisima virga - Hildegard
soprano, symphonia, organetto, harp, rebec


Estampie - Italian (14th century)
tenor recorder, lute, gamba, bells, percussion

Rota-Motet: Sumer is icumen in - Anonymous (1240)

Motet: Alle psallite - Alleluya - Codex Montpellier (13th century)
soprano, organetto, tenor sackbut, percussion, bells

Saltarello - Anonymous Italian (14th century)
organetto, percussion, ensemble, dancer


Gram piant' agli ochi - Landino (1325-1397)
soprano, plucked lute, harp

Orsu, gentili spiriti - Landino
organetto, harp, bass recorder, dancer

Caccia: Tosto che l'alba - Chirardello da Firenze (c. 1320-c. 1362)
soprano, tenor recorder, gamba, sackbut, percussion


L'Alfonsia - Ghiselin-Verbonnet (early 16th century)
organetto, tenor recorder, bass recorder

Ben venga maggio - Anonymous (early 16th century)
alto, tenor, and bass gemshorns

Canto di lanzi sonatori di rubechine - Anonymous (early 16th century)
rebec, cornamuse, bass krummhorn, great bass krummhorn


Fantasia - Francesco da Milano (16th century)

La gamba - Ruffo (c. 1510-1587)
gamba, alto and tenor recorders

Moresca: Chichilichi - da Nola (died 1592)
alto, tenor, and bass krummhorns


Matona mia cara - Lassus (1532-1594)
male vocal quintet

Amor vittorioso - Gastoldi (c. 1556-1622)
male vocal quintet


Non ha 'l ciel cotanti lumi - Caccini (c. 1545-1618)
soprano, lute

Aria Nona: Belle rose porporine - Caccini
soprano, lute
translation: You guard the treasures -- treasures of her smile.
Tell me precious rosinesses, why, when I am tranfixed by her gaze, do you loose a fine smile?


Three country dances in one - Ravenscroft (c. 1590-c. 1633)
singers, bass krummhorn, harp, rebec, soprano recorder

Round: The White Hen - Ravenscroft
The white hen she cackles and layes in the puddle, sing hey cock without a comb, cocke-a-dle duddle.

Ballad: give me my yellow hose - Anonymous (early 17th century)

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