Music at the Court of Maximilian

Although the German Renaissance was not the resplendent one of Italy, the Court of Maximilian I shone with a brillance that was second to none. Music was an indispensable part of court life, and the Kaiser surrounded himself with an entire battery of musicians and first-rate composers like Hofhaimer, Senfl, and Isaac.


Preambulum in re - Leonhard Kleber

Meins trauens ist - Paul Hofhaimer

Nach Willen dein - Paul Hofhaimer
Lute version - arranged by Hans Judenjunig
Organ version - arranged by Johannes Kotter
Original version for voice

Greyner Zanner - Heinrich Finck

II - Hans Neusiedler

Der Juden Tanz

Bicinien from Glareanus's Dodecachordon
Canon (Josquin Des Pres) - recorders
Hypomixolydian Canon at the Fifth (Gregory Meyer) - Viola da gamba and krummhorn
Servus tuus (Sixtus Dietrich) - sackbut and baritone

Christ ist erstanden (Easter son - ca. 1350) - men's voices
Christ is erstanden (Turmchoral - 1513) - instruments

III - Ludwig Senfl

Lust hab ich ghabt zuer Musica - tenor and instruments

Elend bringt Pein - tenor and instruments

Ich stund an einen Morgen - voices and recorder

Christ ist erstanden - tenors and instruments

Das Glaut zu Speyer - ensemble

IV - Heinrich Isaac

Missa Carminum - ensemble
Agnus Dei

V - Heinrich Isaac

Der Hund - instruments

Christ is erstanden - baritone and organ

Es het ein Bauer ein Tochterlein - ensemble

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