Musica Antiqua Photo Album - Page 5

1975 Performance at Kansas State University

from left: Ed Weiss (lute), Margaret Harnish, James Hohlfeld (crumhorn), ???,
Gary Tysdal (shawm), Susan Sacquitne, Kathy Harmison, Eric Van Camp (voice),
Alan Spohnheimer (sacbut), Kathy Kiser (sacbut), Marion Hendrickson (bass sacbut)
Carl Bleyle, conducting

Kathy Kiser (tenor sacbut), Marion Hendrickson (bass sacbut), Alan Spohnheimer (tenor sacbut)

intertwined sacbuts
Think of this as a crowd pleasing feature, not a cheap gimmick.

At this program, a recently discovered early manuscript was performed
which sounded quite similar to the Kansas State Fight Song.

Marion Hendrickson plays his new serpent

Carl Bleyle on organetto, Alan on bass crumhorn
who needed the pencil?

visiting with the audience after the show

Susan Sacquitne

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