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2007 Dragonlance Recording Session in Brooklyn Falls, Minnesota

Dragonlance composer, Karl Pruesser, flew to Ames in October of 2006 to discuss characteristics of Medieval and Renaissance instruments.  The animated film, based on Margaret Weis's first book in the Dragonlance series, is scheduled to be released in November of 2007.  From left: Alan Spohnheimer, Dr. Bleyle, Karl Pruesser, Dee Dreeszen

The Wisconsin author, Margaret Weis, visits with Carl Bleyle during a lunch break.

You met one of the true celebrities from Lake Geneva to frequent our store.  We knew Margaret well.  She was also a strong supporter of the local wildlife rehabilitator that we sponsored, so we'd see her at their events frequently.  I think she ended up in LG because of TSR - the creators of Dungeons and Dragons - which was headquartered in LG until ~'98 when they moved to Seattle.  Margaret stayed behind and started writing and publishing her fantasy books. I think she now has her own line of role-playing fantasy games, ala D&D, which are based on her books.  Now movies, WOW! A very pleasant woman.
Bryce Dreeszen, Wisconsin

Sound technicians worked constantly to adjust microphones for best effect.
Some instruments needed three mics.

Dee found a spot to ready herself to record one of several numbers on her dulcimer.
The recording studio was Winterland Studios.

Behind Stephen Kelleher in the primary recording room is the control box with sliders.  Wearing earphones while performing, each instrumentalist could control the volume of his own sound, the sound of the performers in the other three rooms, the midi track, and the click track.  Note the zink and small crumhorn on the floor.

A view into the red room.

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