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Back row: John Clem, Jim Thomas, Judy Delaney, Jean Thomas, Carl Bleyle
Front row: Ed Weiss, Steve Kelleher, Alan Spohnheimer, Dee Dreeszen

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Doc (soprano krumhorn), Dee (gemshorn), and Alan (sacbut)

Behind Old Music Hall - 1985?
In tree from left: Steve Kelleher, John Clem, Don Simonson - Standing: Ed Weiss, Alan Spohnheimer, Dee Dreeszen, Judith Delaney, Jim Thomas, Jean Thomas - seated: Carl Bleyle

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Ames Tribune Photo

Getting ready for the home concert in Fisher Theatre - 1981?
Steve Kelleher, Alan Spohnheimer, Ed Weiss, Dee Dreeszen, and Kevin Schilling

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