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1972 ISU Madrigal Dinner

Dee Dreeszen is holding the hirtenschalmei; Carl Bleyle is holding the alto zink.
Walnut stand constructed by Phil Elrod holds tapestry crafted by Dee.

From left: Doug Peterson, Alan (in background), Phyllis Tucker, Carl Bleyle

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1972 Madrigal Dinner photo taken in Great Hall, ISU Memorial Union
back row: Doug Kirk, Gary Tysdal, Alan Spohnheimer, Earl Hammond,
Jean Thomas, Pam Myatt, Susan Sacquitne, Carl Bleyle, Bruce Kirk
foreground: Father Hohlfeld, Ed Weiss

The three-stop positif organ visible in background was built by Fritz Noack in 1965.  It has the honor of being the first mechanical-action organ, antique or modern, at Iowa State University. It has foundation stops at 8', 4' and 2'.  Noack's opus 33 was one of two identical positifs built at the same time, the other now residing in the Unitarian Church in Andover, Massachusetts.  The positif has been used on stage by the Iowa State Singers, Musica Antiqua, and by guest artists such as Karel Paukert.

Formal photo in Fisher Theatre, Antiqua tapestries
Standing from left: Margaret Harnish, Eric Van Camp, Jim Holfeld, Susan Sacquitne, Jean Thomas,
Chuck Vail, Marion Hendrickson, Alan Spohnheimer, Buford Norman (translations), Kathy Kiser
Seated: Carl Bleyle, Kevin Schilling, Gary Tysdal, Ed Weiss

This photo is thought to be from the 1974 ISU Madrigal Dinner.

Dr. Carl Bleyle entertaining at the tables

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Musica Antiqua members Alan Spohnheimer, Kevin Schilling and Mark Whitlock
performing on stage during the 1974 ISU Madrigal Dinner.

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