More Photos of Boone's 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

The students performed the old round Derrie Ding Ding Dasson after being prepared by their music teachers, Darlene Miller, Becky Reger, and Ruth Kanagy. Students performing as soloists with the ensemble included Andrew at Bryant and Steph at Franklin School.

Doctor Bleyle performs on two instruments
at the same time with his pipe and tabor.

The musicians of Musica Antiqua would like to thank Boone's students, teachers, and administrators for the warm reception we received while performing in your community. Apologies are offered to the fine students of Bryant School (and to principal Linda Boettcher, who celebrated her 29th birthday with the help of her students and the well-known medieval tune, Happy Birthday) because we did not take photos during our first performance of the day.

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